Why Build an Annexe With a Granny Flat Kit?

11 May 2022
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The term granny flat may be widely used in the UK and Australia but it isn't what most people around the world say when they mean an outbuilding which can be lived in. More often than not, annexe is the term professional architects would use in places like Canada or the United States. That said, you don't need a designer with a granny flat DIY kit. Why? Because everything you need to think about from a design perspective has been included for you. In fact, the only thing you need to consider is where to build yours. What are the main benefits of these DIY construction modules and why are granny flat kits becoming so popular in Australia these days?

  • Made to Measure

When you buy a granny flat kit in your state, the supplier should know what the rules are with respect to planning consent. The number of square metres any annexe can take up differs from state to state in the country but locally supplied granny flat kits should conform to what the law allows for. This way, you won't need to worry about planning permission or building inspectors because everything has been made to measure to work under the rules.

  • Build Yourself

Not only is putting up a granny flat DIY kit a fun home improvement project for anyone remotely interested in DIY but it is much, much cheaper than building an extension on your home. Extensions create a lot of work, notably because of the foundations that are needed. However, annexes supplied in a flatpack format need very few, if any, specialist building skills. Depending on where you live, you'll need to obtain a builder's license to put one up, but these aren't troublesome to obtain.

  • Multi-Purpose

The term granny flat implies that you will turn your annexe into a residence for an elderly relative but this need not be the case. These days, many people use them as a garden room so they can get away from the hustle and bustle of family life going on in the main residence. They also serve well as a home office or as a guest suite for when friends and family stay with you. If you have an adult child who still lives at home, then a granny flat kit is the ideal way to enable them to live more independently without leaving home fully. Remember that an annexe will add considerable value to your home without the expense associated with an extension or a loft conversion. Look into granny flat kits for more information.