Common Mistakes Newbie Roofers Make When Replacing Metal Roofing Panels

29 October 2019
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It is estimated that metal roofing is designed to last for decades with proper installation and maintenance. No wonder galvanised steel is one of the most common types of metal roofing, especially if you consider its low price and high resistance to corrosion. However, any experienced professional roofer will tell you they have seen their fair share of improper metal roofing replacements. Therefore, any new rookie roofer should do their best to learn from these mistakes. Read More 

Why Wood-Framed Homes Are Here to Stay

17 July 2019
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Environmentalists continue to draw attention to the risks posed by global warming. Politicians are starting to heed these warnings as well, as they promote more sustainable policies and try to reduce their carbon footprint on a nationwide basis. Individuals can, of course, contribute to this endeavour by adopting eco-friendly behaviour as part of their everyday routine. They can make an even bigger effort if they plan to build a new home by choosing timber as the main element of its construction. Read More 

5 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Roofing Restoration Project

22 March 2019
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If your roof is damaged or near the end of its lifespan, you may need to do a roof restoration project. You can repair your roof and put back on the same style of roof, or you can take advantage of the situation to make your roof more environmentally friendly. Looking for ideas? Then, consider the following. 1. Change to a Light Colour Lights colours can help to repel the sun's rays and potentially reduce the amount of money you spend cooling your home or office. Read More