Roof Repair: Essential Tips to Keep Your Roofing In Top Shape

22 November 2023
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Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. It protects you and your family from the elements, keeps you warm and dry during a storm, and adds value to your property. However, with constant exposure to the sun, rain and wind, it’s no surprise that your roofing needs to be repaired every once in a while. But don’t worry; this blog post will share some essential tips to keep your roof in top shape. Read More 

Should You Choose Metal or Tiles for Your Roof Replacement?

31 March 2023
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The roof is a prominent feature of a house's facade, and new cladding will vastly improve its appearance. But should you opt for tiles or corrugated metal for your roof replacement? Here are some tips to help you decide. Weight A roof can be quite heavy depending on the material used. Metal is lighter than terracotta and concrete tiles, so it puts a building under less stress. If you currently have a tile roof, the house is structurally strong enough to support tiles or metal. Read More