Ways a Roof Restoration Can Improve Your Home

27 November 2020
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The effects of a roof restoration go beyond creating a beautiful facade — the process also improves a home in practical ways. Read on to discover more specifically how such a project can help. Creates a More Energy Efficient Home Many people feel drawn to energy-efficient homes that cost less to heat and cool, thus helping the environment by requiring less power. During the final stages of a roof restoration process, contractors coat the cladding in various membranes, a variety of which reflect solar radiation to keep a home cooler. Read More 

Reasons Not to Ignore a Leaky Roof

9 September 2020
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You might experience minor roof leaks from time to time and consider them to be too inconsequential to fix, especially if they're in a laundry or out of the way area. However, you shouldn't ignore even little drips from the roof, no matter what. Consider the following problems that could arise eventually, as a result. Ceiling Mould and Mildew Roof cladding is meant to keep the roof cavity bone dry, even during heavy storms. Read More 

4 Common Problems That Occur With Concrete Roof Tiles

17 June 2020
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Concrete roofs, like terracotta roofs, are a popular option with homeowners throughout Australia. They look good, and they have a long lifespan. But, as with any roofing material, concrete tiles do have some weaknesses that might lead to problems and the need for repairs. If you aren't sure if your concrete roof needs repair or not, check for the following problems. 1. Breaks and Cracks Although concrete roof tiles are durable and can last several decades, much like terracotta tiles, concrete tiles are vulnerable to damage from hard impacts. Read More 

3 Major Causes of Roof Problems

26 February 2020
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Can you see sunlight poking through your roof? Does your roof let in rain? These are obvious signs that your roof is damaged and needs to be repaired. The timely and accurate troubleshooting of roof problems is essential to ensure roof repair work is done correctly. But what causes roofing issues in the first place? There are many things that can undermine the performance and longevity of your roof. Read along to discover the major causes of roof problems. Read More