4 Common Problems That Occur With Concrete Roof Tiles

17 June 2020
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Concrete roofs, like terracotta roofs, are a popular option with homeowners throughout Australia. They look good, and they have a long lifespan. But, as with any roofing material, concrete tiles do have some weaknesses that might lead to problems and the need for repairs.

If you aren't sure if your concrete roof needs repair or not, check for the following problems.

1. Breaks and Cracks

Although concrete roof tiles are durable and can last several decades, much like terracotta tiles, concrete tiles are vulnerable to damage from hard impacts. This means that hailstones and tree branches can crack and even break concrete tiles in severe weather.

Cracked or broken tiles are an urgent matter. If you put off repairs for too long, rain could penetrate your broken tiles and leak into your home. When you see cracked or broken tiles on your roof, hire a roof repair service to replace them.

2. Moss and Lichen

Concrete tiles are porous too. This means that they soak up rainwater, especially if they haven't been treated properly or the weatherproofing has weakened with time. Moisture can damage concrete tiles over time. But the main issue with moisture and concrete tiles is that moss and lichen can both grow on concrete tiles when moisture is present.

This is a cosmetic issue in the short term, but if you don't remove the moss, the excessive moisture could crack your concrete tiles in future.

3. Tiles out of Place

Concrete tiles are heavy. This means that if a fastener comes loose due to severe weather, a concrete tile could slide out of place. Rainwater can also cause tiles to slide out of position. Displaced tiles leave your roof at the mercy of the elements, and of pests that might want to invade your roof space.

This is another urgent matter that needs the attention of a roof repair service.

4. Discolouration

Concrete tiles can discolour over time due to moisture and harsh sunlight. This can leave your roof looking dull and old. One solution is to paint your roof if fading is an issue. You could also have a roofing service replace your faded roof tiles if only some of them are faded.

Have you spotted one or more of the aforementioned issues with your concrete roof? Then you need roof repair from a professional soon, otherwise, rainwater could leak into your home during the next storm.