3 Major Causes of Roof Problems

26 February 2020
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Can you see sunlight poking through your roof? Does your roof let in rain? These are obvious signs that your roof is damaged and needs to be repaired. The timely and accurate troubleshooting of roof problems is essential to ensure roof repair work is done correctly. But what causes roofing issues in the first place?

There are many things that can undermine the performance and longevity of your roof. Read along to discover the major causes of roof problems.

Severe Weather

Inclement weather is among the top causes of roof damage. High winds, hailstorms, solar heat, ice, snow, and high humidity are some common examples of weather elements that can damage your roof. Some roofs perform better in certain weather conditions than others, so the first step in protecting your roof from unfavourable weather is to choose an appropriate roofing material for your local weather.

Making sure your roof is inspected on a regular basis and after any extreme weather event will also help you keep tabs on the condition of your roof so that roof repair issues are identified and attended to quickly.

Incorrect Roof Installation

A properly installed roof can withstand weather extremes for a long time. A poorly installed roof, on the other hand, will lead to many roof problems. It is just a matter of time before the signs of poor workmanship on your roof start to show.

Inappropriately installed roofing flashing, for example, can allow rain to seep into your roof, resulting in costly water damage to your home. Roof leaks can also encourage mould and mildew growth in your home, thus jeopardising the health of your household members.

Making sure your roof installation job is carried out by a professional can save you money on what you would have spent on roof repairs in the future.

Ignoring Roof Maintenance 

Neglecting your need for regular roof maintenance is a sure-fire way to invite problems to your roof. Minor issues that can be identified and resolved during regular roof inspections but are not can easily lead to major roof damage, which is expensive to repair. The best way to avoid costly roof repair issues is to ensure your roof is inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Ensuring your roof is correctly installed and regularly maintained goes a long way in minimising costly roof repair issues. While it's not possible to control Mother Nature, having your roof checked for potential damage following any severe weather event can help you identify and fix roof problems before they result in expensive fixes. Call roof maintenance professionals to get more help.