Ways a Roof Restoration Can Improve Your Home

27 November 2020
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The effects of a roof restoration go beyond creating a beautiful facade — the process also improves a home in practical ways. Read on to discover more specifically how such a project can help.

Creates a More Energy Efficient Home

Many people feel drawn to energy-efficient homes that cost less to heat and cool, thus helping the environment by requiring less power. During the final stages of a roof restoration process, contractors coat the cladding in various membranes, a variety of which reflect solar radiation to keep a home cooler. Contractors also apply different colour coatings — lighter colours absorb less heat than darker shades, and this will help, too. Once your home fends off heat more efficiently, you'll spend less on air conditioning. 

Healthier Indoors Atmosphere

Mould, mildew, and dampness harm the air quality in a home, and roofs can become part of the problem. Rainwater can invade buildings via roof leaks that drench structural timber beams, insulation and ceiling and wall plaster. The restoration process involves checking every tile and metal sheet for holes, gaps, and leaks and then fixing any that are found. A waterproofing membrane will seal the cladding, shielding your home. In this way, such a project safeguards your home from moisture problems that would arise from faulty roofing. 

Forms a Beautiful Facade

A roof restoration not only preserves your home from the elements, but also creates a beautiful new surface. After a pressure wash that erases all traces of moss, lichen, and dirt, roofers can apply a variety of coloured coatings. Suppose, for example, that your home features faded red roof tiles that look even more blotchy against freshly painted charcoal exterior walls and crisp white window trim. Contractors can restore the roof tiles to a lustrous, attractive red hue. Alternatively, they could blanket the roof tiles in a rich grey to give your home a smart, modern appearance.

Makes Your Home More Sellable

You might be thinking of selling your home, in which case a roof restoration will help. Firstly, a lovely kerb view will inspire more buyers to venture inside to check out the interior, while an ugly facade will encourage the opposite. Additionally, many people want a ready-to-move-into home that they don't have to renovate. Thus, the roof restoration, along with other maintenance tasks you've undertaken in different areas of the building, will boost your home's appeal. Buyers will know that they won't have to deal with constant roofing issues in the foreseeable future.

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