Handy Solutions to Keeping Your Flat Tin Roof Cool

30 May 2017
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Metal is one of the more popular materials that roofing contractors and homeowners choose for roofing. The conventional style adopted when using these materials is flat roofing as this is easy to install, making it an economical option. Nevertheless, flat tin roofs do have the propensity to absorb heat. If this heat absorption is not managed, you could end up relying heavily on your air conditioning, particularly during the summer, to keep your structure comfortable. So what are some of the handy solutions to keeping your flat tin roof cool?

PVC sheathing

Another option that you could consider to reduce heat absorption by your tin roof is PVC sheathing. However, PVC sheathing can be quite noisy during the rainy season. Thus, it is advisable to have your tin roof soundproofed before installing the sheathing. One of the main characteristics of PVC sheathing is it has its seams heat welded. Therefore, not only does it protect your tin roof from heat absorption, but it also prevents any water from seeping into your tin roof. PVC sheathing has also been known to protect the roof from wind damage.

Photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels are a great investment for your tin roof as they provide you with two-fold functionality. Instead of your tin roof absorbing the radiant heat, the panels do so, which keeps your home cool. Secondly, once the photovoltaic panels absorb the heat, they convert it into energy that can be used around your home for applications such a heating water, lighting and more. Photovoltaic panels may be more expensive than other solutions, but they make up for it by helping in reducing your energy costs while also providing your residence with free solar energy.

Elastomeric paint

As the name suggests, this type of paint contains a polymer that functions to make it elastic. Thus, the paint will expand and contract in tandem with your tin roof as the temperature changes. By applying a layer of elastomeric paint, you ensure that your roof does not trap heat. You can enhance the effectiveness of the paint by choosing it in white, as this would improve its solar reflectivity.

Foam insulation

Unlike the other cooling solutions that are located above your tin roof, foam insulation will be installed underneath the tin roof. As a result, although your tin roof will absorb heat, the heat is not transferred to the rest of your home. Nonetheless, the installation process is labour intensive, as you would have to remodel your ceiling.