Terms to Learn When Preparing for Metal Roof Repair

30 May 2017
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If you plan on making repairs to a metal roof, you will need the right supplies to ensure the roof is watertight and that those repairs are done properly. While the supplies for a metal roof repair may sometimes be the same as those needed for a roof with asphalt shingles. It's still good to review some of those potentially needed items, as well as the terminology you might see when at the hardware store, so you know you don't overlook anything, ensuring those repairs will be done properly.


A collar is placed around a vent pipe in order to seal the roof and that opening. This piece might also be called a pipe boot. If there are any leaks around the pipe itself, the collar or boot usually needs replacing.


A cricket is a peaked piece that is placed at the back of a chimney, so that snow, ice, and rainwater fall away from the chimney and don't collect at its base. Without a solid cricket that's in good repair, a chimney may get soft and crumbly and even outright collapse. As with a vent pipe, if there are water leaks around the chimney, this cricket may need to be replaced.


The class noted on roofing materials refers to its fire safety rating. Class A would be the most fireproof material, able to withstand just about any flame. If you're worried about lightning strikes, the potential for brushfires, or any other increased risk of a home fire, invest in Class A rated materials for your metal roofing repair.

Metal drip edge

Many sheets used for metal roofing will have a metal drip edge. This is the eave or trim of the building that will have a slight dip to it, to encourage more water runoff from the roof. If your home's roof has suffered water leaks and other such damage, you may want to upgrade to metal sheets with a metal drip edge.


Telegraphing refers to a dip or distortion you might see when a roof is placed over an uneven surface. Telegraphing might lead to pressure or stress on areas of the roof and eventual damage. A home with an uneven roof surface may need what are called purlins, which are long but narrow strips of wood or metal that are placed in certain low points of the roof, to create a more level and even surface for the roofing material.