Why Choose Timber Roof Trusses Over Other Home Design Options?

30 May 2017
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When you're having a new home built, you may want to consider having your builder use roof trusses instead of standard roof studs and joists. Trusses are large beams that are set in a triangle design to disperse and support the weight of the home.

Trusses are often either steel or wood, and both materials can be left exposed for a natural, rugged look, or they can be covered with drywall just like any other roof. Note a few reasons why roof trusses are a good choice for your new home and why timber trusses are often a better option than steel trusses, and then discuss your choice with a builder so you'll be happy with your home for years to come.

More space for insulation

Using roof trusses means that there will be wider gaps between the beams; these wider cavities allow for more insulation to be installed; in turn, the interior of your home will be more comfortable, and you'll pay less for utilities throughout the year. More insulating materials can also mean less use and then less wear and tear on your home's furnace and air conditioning, which may increase their overall lifespan.


Both timber and steel can be recycled and reused for new projects, but steel is a finite resource that cannot be replenished. However, timber is what is called sustainable, meaning it can be regrown again and again. Creating the beams for timber trusses also means less pollution from fumes and emissions, both of which are created by the smelting of iron ore to make steel. All of these factors make timber the more eco-friendly choice over steel, if you do decide on trusses.

Easier installation

Trusses are made at a factory and then shipped to the jobsite, where they are put into place. This makes it easier to install them than standard beams, which need to be trimmed, shaved, and planed to fit during the construction process.

Also, if you do decide on trusses, note that steel can be much heavier than timber, so it may require the use of heavy machinery to put steel trusses into place. Timber trusses are more lightweight and may require a crane for lifting, but this would be a lighter and more compact crane than one that would be needed for steel. This also contributes to the ease of installation.

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