Residential Improvement: Should You Choose Fibre Cement For Your Siding?

18 October 2017
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If you are planning on improving your residential siding, there are numerous materials to consider for the project. One of the advantageous choices in the modern market is fibre cement. In general, this product is made by combining fly ash, wood pulp and cement with water. The cement acts as the binder, the fly ash or silica sand is a filler, the wood pulp is the hardener and the water dissolves and activates the materials. The result is a material which has exceptional performance in siding applications. Here are some of the benefits of choosing fibre cement siding over alternatives.

Material Durability

Fibre cement is a durable construction material in comparison to alternatives used for siding applications. The composition of this type of product is resistant to most problems which cause degradation of residential siding. For instance, wood siding deteriorates because of exposure to moisture and attack by fungi and pests.

Fibre cement is a solid material which is resistant to moisture ingress. Moreover, all the wood pulp is bound in cement, so the surface will not support mould or mildew growth or pest attack. Also, fibre cement will outlast vinyl which is susceptible to heat damage and metals which degrade in saline environments.

Cost of Siding

The cost of construction materials is an important consideration when you are planning a home improvement project. Selecting the right product will ensure that you get exceptional performance without breaking your bank. In general, there are significant variances in the different siding materials in the market. Therefore, you should perform a comparison in your area before making a decision.

Typically, fibre cement is a highly affordable material because of its composition. There are no unique or rare ingredients included in the mixture. Alternatives such as wood, stucco and aluminium are not cheap to purchase, so you will need to increase your budget.

Maintenance Requirements

When purchasing any construction material, it is crucial to consider its care and upkeep requirements. High maintenance products will be time-consuming and might be expensive in the long run. After all, if the surfaces deteriorate, the house will lose its aesthetic appeal.

Fibre cement is an ideal low-maintenance material for residential siding. It does not rot, and it will resist damage from adverse conditions. Therefore, you will not have to inspect continually and perform repairs. The surfaces will get dirty, but you can wash the material with mild solutions and a brush.

For more information on fibre cement siding, consult your home improvement contractor.