Roof Restoration: 4 Signs That You Require Gutter Replacement

22 February 2018
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Although usually overlooked, gutters are an integral part of your home. This is so because their primary function is to prevent any water damage from occurring on your property by redirecting rainwater away from the foundation, roofing and your exterior walls. Although care and maintenance of your gutters can help in prolonging their lifespan, they are not immune to wear and tear. As they advance in age, it would be prudent to have them replaced with newer, more efficient gutters. Below are some of the signs that would help you determine if you require gutter replacement as part of a roof restoration project.

Holes in the gutters

Some people assume that minor cracks in their gutters are a non-issue. The truth is, when left unchecked, these cracks will eventually expand into large holes since they are still being exposed to water and temperature changes. When the cracks expand, they not only cause severe damage to the gutters but could also end up causing undue harm to the fascia boards that are located behind your gutters. This damage can further spread to the shingles located on the roof and your home's foundation. If you find that your gutters are showing signs of fissures, cracks and splitting, it would be time to opt for gutter replacement.

Fungal growths on your foundation

For mould to thrive, it has to receive a constant supply of moisture. If mould and mildew have started to breed on your foundation, it would indicate that your gutters are not performing their function of steering water away from your foundation. Leaving this to go on undeterred can lead to severe structural damage to the foundation, and this will adversely affect your entire residence. Dealing with the gutter problem posthaste can save you from paying exorbitant costs pertaining to foundation repair.

Orange coloured flecks on your gutters

The paint used on your gutters is supposed to be specially designed to withstand the changes climatic conditions that your gutters are exposed to. Nevertheless, with age, the paint will begin peeling off. If orange coloured flecks accompany the peeling on your gutters, then this would be a sure-fire sign of corrosion. Rusting gutters will have their structural integrity compromised, and it would not be safe to leave them mounted on your property. They could easily break off, as they will not be able to withstand high gale winds, heavy rainfall and more. In this instance, you would be better off seeking gutter replacement before your property has to endure further damage due to the gutters.