4 Ways Colourbond Roofing Improves Your Home's Kerb Appeal

8 October 2018
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Choosing the right type of roofing material for your home is an incredibly important decision. Everything from property value to insulation level to damage resistance is going to be affected by your choice, so going for the wrong option could end up costing you.

Of course, you'll also want to consider kerb appeal as well as those more practical benefits. Take Colorbond roofing. People tend to value it for its strength and longevity, but it also helps make your home look better. Here are just four simple reasons why.

1. Wide Range of Colour Options

Most roofing materials are only available in a couple of hues. If you choose tile, you're generally going to be picking between various shades of brown. If you choose slate, dull grey is pretty much your only option. Even regular metal roofing isn't available in many colours. Colorbond roofing is different. It's available in a wide range of hues and colours, so you can complement your home's style, increase kerb appeal and adopt a contemporary appearance.

2. No Need for Frequent Repainting

One problem with metal roofing that people commonly point to is the need to repaint. However, that's not something you need to do very often with Colorbond roofing. The shade is attached to the metal, so it lasts a long time. The bottom line is, you won't find the fresh and vibrant Colorbond roof you have fitted today looking dull and in need of a repaint in six months' time.

3. Zero Moisture or Mould Marks

Several roofing materials, particularly tiles, absorb moisture and provide plenty of little crevices where mould can grow. Where moisture is allowed to pool, roofing materials can discolour. When mould is allowed to grow, you get black marks across the surface, and these are very hard to remove since spores can remain even after you scrub away any visible growth. Colorbond roofing allows you to avoid these problems because it dries quickly and doesn't absorb moisture.

4. Perfectly Fitted to Shape

It's hard to achieve a perfect fit with most roofing materials. Tiles and stones, for example, will be fitted around chimneys and tight spaces, but individual pieces will need to be awkwardly cut to size, leaving a less-than-perfect final appearance. Colorbond roofing can be cut to the exact shape required before it even arrives. When it's installed, it will fit perfectly around every part of your roof for a flawless appearance.