Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing for Your Home

13 September 2021
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Home roofs use various materials, which you should consider if your current roofing requires replacing. Regardless of the existing cladding, you could install metal instead. Here are several reasons to choose metal for your roof replacement.

Color Choices

Metal roofs come in a wide array of colours, allowing you to complement any environment. You can choose from beige, green, red, blue and countless other shades. Some specific colours are designed to harmonise with heritage homes. Other shades mimic the subdued and muted hues found in nature. It is best to contrast the roof against the external walls to prevent a house from appearing bland. For ideas, you could drive around your local neighbourhood and note properties that you find appealing.

Energy Efficient

Regardless of the climate, a metal roof can help to keep a home's temperature consistent and comfortable. If you live in a hot region, you could install a pale-coloured roof, which will reflect more heat than a dark colour. Metal roofs can also be covered in heat-reflective coatings to keep a building cooler.

Alternatively, you may live in a colder southern region of Australia and be interested in how a metal roof can help retain winter warmth. This is achieved by installing ceiling insulation or by laying an insulating blanket underneath the metal sheets. Insulation will hinder heat from transferring upwards and out via the roof.

Minimal Upkeep

Metal roofs are covered in various coatings that hinder rust development. For example, galvanised steel features a layer of zinc. Another roofing option is zincalume, which is encased in magnesium, zinc and aluminium. You may want to create a further barrier with a powder-coated paint layer. These coatings enable steel roofs to withstand elements such as sun, hail and rain. To keep the roofing in top condition, have a regular inspection done as recommended, to pick up any minor issues before they escalate.


If you're installing steel for your roof replacement, you can feel comfortable that you're using a recyclable substance. After the roof has protected your house for decades, it can be recycled into another metal object without going to waste. Metals can be recycled multiple times without degrading in quality.

The benefit of recycling is that it stops objects from filling up a landfill and minimises energy use. Producing metal from scratch uses more energy than recycling it. As energy generation typically releases harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, it's essential to take low-energy approaches, such as metal recycling.